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Forget pancakes, our February was stacked with site launches February is the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, eat pancakes, and in some cases, even consult a ground-dwelling rodent about the prospects of an early spring. At GForces though, it’s a month just like any other, with 19 new websites launched…

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We take a look at some great movie machines Just as it was for La La Land earlier this week, some of cinema’s greatest screen icons have had to go without a Best Picture nod at the Oscars. For many, it’s meant decades waiting in the wings like Hidden Figures.…

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Future focus on ‘social’ in-car technology brings new meaning to the term ‘car share’. Our culture has evolved to always be on. Consumers are connected 24 hours a day. Technology has widened their choices, provided more flexible buying options, and given them greater opportunities than ever before. And that in…

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