You have blood on your hands.


Milo was in the hospital for three weeks.

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The actor missed a line.


After I accumulated five years of seniority, I was promoted.

This is a real steal.

Open your atlas of Japan to page 3.

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I'll take over your duties while you are away from Japan.

Torsten leaned over and picked the coin up.

She's in jail.

Delbert fooled us.

I wish you good luck.

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Where did he come from?

He took off her clothes.

I'm pretty sure that Case doesn't like Surya.

Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.

Why don't you just let us go?

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People in the back row craned to see the stage.

The cymbals clashed.

Did you just call me a chicken?

I call the boy and he comes.

Let's start translating!

All children in the PRC learn the Roman alphabet for phonemic pinyin.

She opened a savings account.

If you learn Chinese well, you can go study in China.

Pradeep accused John of falsifying the results.


Human vices provide substantial government income.


The essence of Japanese culture could never be appreciated by them.

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I knew you would tell Ravindranath about what we did.

My friend only eats organic food.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.

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There'll come a day when you'll regret it.

We wandered round the shopping center.

"I'm finished for the day." "Much appreciated."


Some Whites seek more imperial solutions.


We found it very hard going back to our base camp in the blizzard.

If you don't talk louder, he won't be able to hear you.

I think I know why Ron wasn't at school yesterday.


Griff is a good father.

Keep an eye on Kazuhiro.

He promised to see about my broken watch.


I'd just like to know what I did wrong.

Will you put the dishes away in the cupboard?

Has anyone told you that you have beautiful eyes?

She will take it.

My hair is greasy.


We were at the mill, near the hemp field.


He kept it secret.

My house is in the suburbs.

I got very annoyed at her remarks.

I've heard that a lot, too.

The headline caught my eye this morning.

I cannot give this dictionary to anyone.

He is hard to get along with.

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I'm going to delete this before anyone attempts to translate it.

Let's not even talk about that today.

You were in a coma.

Where did you learn German?

Graeme pushed the door closed.

It's nearly noon and he's still in bed.

Rob hadn't eaten in three days.

She doesn't have many books.

Should you be telling us this?

Today is your daughter's birthday.

She's a slacker.

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They didn't think any of my suggestions were any good.


I'll never let anything happen to you.

In some rural areas, the Internet is important for agricultural information, as well as being particularly useful for the purposes of agricultural production technologies and pricing.

If you were to quit your job, what would you do?

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It was Mr. White that gave Joe this ticket.

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If you can do it on your own, do it without reserve.

I don't know what they want.

Even if it rains, the meeting will go on.

Put out your cigarette. Smoking's not permitted here.

I didn't want to waste any time.


You should be smiling, Saul.

They have company.

The last time we all went out drinking, I was the designated driver.

There were no other injuries.

Willingness to correct is a sign of wisdom.


Now that you mention it, she also needs a bra and panties.

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The town has many tall buildings.

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I want something to eat.


He just had food, he cannot be hungry.

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They are faster than us.


It's clear that he likes you.

Am I very nice?

Jiri pleaded with Clyde not to leave.

Billie rolled over in his sleep.

Rusty is sensitive, isn't he?

She's probably just gone to visit her parents.

He expressed himself clearly.

The man that I visited was Mr. Doi.

He hasn't any children.

Let him wait!

I've been dying to see you.

I don't want you to think that I'm not happy with your decision.

March 15 will be my last day of school.

Denis's lipstick is smeared.

I wish you had called thirty minutes ago.

I changed my address last month.

I should've listened to my father.

Does that make sense?

You could run.

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He can hardly speak.

If you use the quit command noted below, you can make the application exit.

I admitted that he was right.

I'm aware of what's going on.

Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

I'm not used to drinking tap water.

Starfish are brainless creatures.

There is a bench under the tree.

I'm killing time.

What are you sitting around for?

Cats don't like dogs.


I'm going with Ken. He is cool, gentle and smart. What's more, he is single!

Wait, don't shoot at each other!

I am going to do it whether you agree or not.

Linda ordered the dog to sit.

You didn't need to buy this book.


Kieran told me that's not true.


Words must be arranged in the proper sequence and the rules of grammar must be followed for a sentence to be accepted as a natural-sounding sentence.


Let me taste it.


Wilmer has never seen one of these before.

I did not mean to disappoint her.

You need to hit the gym.


She forgot my birthday.


It is for this reason that he left school.

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We are working to fix this bug.

Dates and walnuts are commonly used in the filling for baklava made in the Levant.

Jisheng overheard our conversation.

This should be illegal.

The high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive.

Manuel is a speech coach.

No one pays attention to Rich.

The attempt failed.

His latest work proved to be a great success.

I don't really approve of gambling.

Ammonia is a base.

You can't go there.

Elwood acknowledges that he was defeated.

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Everyone paid for their own meal.

Theo spent hours looking at the fish in the tank.

Yesterday I spent the night in jail.

I have no idea where he went.

I have a few more questions I'd like to ask you.

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She had no sooner seen me than she ran away.

There's a drought in California.

It's obvious Vilhelm and Amigo like each other.


I wonder if Gil is going to Boston next week.


Do you have a dog?


East Timor is called "Timor Lorosa'e" in Tetum.

Hilda vowed to do everything within his power to protect the local wildlife.

He was operated on for lung cancer.

The teenager smashed the car into a tree while fleeing from the police.

I feel we're speaking a different language.


Nobody here lives an atheistic life. During disasters and during fortunes everyone relies on God.