Franklin Ochs - Personal Home Page

I have now completed my CFA exams successfully June 2016!

This web page is the personal page for Franklin Ochs. All information contained on these pages is for entertainment/personal purposes only. For information about my career please see the vitae. I don't really see a difference between personal and work interests, you never know when one will swing over to the other and since 1/3rd of our lives is spent sleeping and 1/4 is spent at work it would be foolish not to make your work part of your personal interests. Some of my current interests.

Working with friends and colleagues now that I have a bit more time on my hands I should be posting some new projects. Hopefully working on these pages over the next several months as I look for new challenges I'll be updating information particularly in the economics section. While the CFA work I've been doing has been interesting I am an economist at heart and need to practice that science. Unfortunately the cost of a functional version of SAS is execessive so I'm trying some new tools, particularly R and python.

That's all for now.

Last updated 23rd August, 2013