KREMLIN -- Powerful Security for a Powerful World -- Protect Your Data Easy & Effective -- 160-bit Cryptographic Software Suite

St. Basil's Cathedral KREMLIN -- Powerful Security for a Powerful World -- Protect Your Data Easy & Effective -- 160-bit Cryptographic Software Suite

KREMLIN -- Powerful Security for a Powerful World -- Protect Your Data Easy & Effective -- 160-bit Cryptographic Software Suite
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KremlinEncrypt announces version 3 of its popular security suite, Kremlin!

Have you ever thought that your computer can be a perfect spy? It traces all your activities: the web sites you have visited - web pages, pictures, movies, videos, cookies. Your keystrokes, which might contain a sensitive passphrase, are carefully stored. Your word processor leaks scraps of your sensitive documents all over your hard drive. And you are confident that these file scraps and keyboard strokes are "deleted" automatically by your operating system or application and completely gone, aren't you? Windows and Mac OS were not designed to be secure. Removed files are just marked as unused space. The actual contents of these files are available for anyone with a low-level disk utility and the desire to view then. Furthermore, if you transfer sensitive data via the Internet, nobody can guarantee its security. Your secret e-mail can be intercepted and your competitor can use it against you and ruin your business or love.

Are you still sure that

  • your private life is private?
  • nobody can get access to the secret data on your computer?
  • intruders cannot break into your system and steal your information?
  • your competitors cannot steal your trade secrets?
  • nobody can get aware what you use the Internet for?
  • secret emails to your partner or friend are not read by anybody else?
  • information from deleted files is completely purged from your system?


Do you want

  • to protect your data from intruders?
  • to keep anybody out of your private files?
  • to be sure that all the traces of your sensitive data are erased?
  • to secure your documents and e-mails?
  • to store your data in encrypted compressed archives?

Then Security Suite is for you

Not only does Kremlin feature secure encryption with such algorithms as Blowfish, and 916-952-7681, Kremlin does more: Kremlin builds a wall around your computer.
In its most secure setting, Kremlin uses 160 bits of encryption key. It means that if one billion computers were each searching one trillion keys per second, it would take over 1019 years to recover a file encrypted with Kremlin. That's 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 years, much more than the life of the universe! Kremlin is so secure that the U.S. Government considers it a munition! To snoops, Kremlin is a deadly weapon.

Kremlin builds a wall around your data

  • When you log off, Kremlin clears sensitive areas of your hard disk and wipes all records of your activities.
  • Kremlin automates the process of securing your computer by scheduling itself to secure portions of your hard disk and all used memory when you log off your computer or your computer becomes idle.
  • Kremlin can automatically encrypt files and directories when you log off your computer and decrypt them when you log back on, providing a transparent way to protect your files from nosy intruders.
  • Kremlin provides a full-featured and secure text editor that automatically encrypts your documents. You can e-mail a secret memo to a co-worker from within Kremlin Text.
  • You can securely remove files from your computer by dragging them to the Kremlin Secure Recycle Bin (Windows) ot Kremlin Secure Delete (Mac OS).
  • Kremlin is cross-platform. You can encrypt your information on the PC and decrypt and use it on the Mac and vice versa.

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Download Kremlin

Encrypted archive can be created with one button click on mac

Create an encrypted archive with just one button click...

Kremlin Text is a secure text processor. You can create, encrypt and e-mail your secret messages

Send an encrypted e-mail...

The files deleted with Kremlin Wipe removes are gone forever.

Wipe your sensitive data completely...