I think this translation isn't correct.

There are too many commercials on TV.


I smell something burning, Mother.

I like writing with a fountain pen.

This beefsteak smells good.

Pigs can't fly.

You're not looking at the big picture here.

Adventure is worthwhile.

I use computers.

It's very difficult to know yourself.

Iker Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world.

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The climate here doesn't agree with me.

Dan attempted to destroy evidence.

French cooking aims at making healthy, tasty food.

He had to prevent the war.

I've been waiting for the bus for three hours.

It is true that they talk a lot, but they say little.

The laughter died away.


You're helpful.

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What a scream!

Carolyn walked over to the door and opened it.

Does he know that his son has gone?

Kirsten won't get in trouble.

I would never lie to him.


They should wash their feces.


You have to take a shower.

Stephen charged down the stairs.

You're way faster than me.

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Marcia could've won if he'd tried a little harder.

Kolkka likes to observe birds.

She gave him the elbow yesterday.

The gallbladder is found adjacent to the liver.

I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

You're not looking.

Hearing this song after so long really brings back the old times.


I'll ship my baggage first.

Spudboy left the door open.

He looked back at me before he went on board the plane.

Hsuan doesn't know how to play chess.

He hangs out a lot with the kids down the street.

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She was combing her hair for a long time.


I'm willing to pay whatever's necessary.

After having fought many hard battles, we were able to bring home the bacon and set up a new government.

I want my children to reach their full potential.

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Valentin couldn't think what he should give Bradley for Christmas.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

We need some more food.

Should we wait here for her?

After saying goodbye to Jane, we were very sad.

I'm not going to stay here with you.

Marie said that Stanislaw would help me.

Hy is conceited.

I'm looking for recipes for a chocolate cake without any chocolate.

His scores could only be properly interpreted by authentic virtuosos.

You said that it would happen.

Are you saying we shouldn't be doing this?

Murray will come after me.

He wanted to do it, whatever the consequences.

Jim is really busy most of the time.


There is a fundamental difference between your opinion and mine.

The seed of revolution is repression.

I know you were close to Nicolo.

No beer before four!

Where is your mommy?

Brazil is the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The way they plan to punish Kamel seems kind of severe.


The monk is praying.


Sarah is still very agitated.


There are two possible explanations.


We go to the market, knowing that Sally is there.


Have you already seen the film?


We don't usually go for cute stuff, but this is just too adorably awesome.

Can you remember what we're supposed to do?

I made a draft of my speech.

Some people think that eating grapefruit with every meal will help you lose weight.

Jin was a prisoner of war for three years.


Earle sang three songs and then left the stage.

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Christina sold Ning's necklace for a very low price.


Barrio called me late last night.

My dog ate my homework.

The fact is that I can't swim.

What Sue really wanted was enough money to buy Knut some flowers.

Parents who beat their children really make my blood boil.

We need each other more now.

The editor and publisher is my cousin.

They met Everett here.

He is probably as disgusted by this as I am.

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I'll take her to dinner.

You'd better do what Gregor told you to do.

Don't expect me to lose any sleep over it.


This suitcase is heavier than it looks.

I really appreciate your advice.

He wants to donate money.

The boy hit the ball with his new bat.

The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me.


The eaglet broke free of its shell.


Bill slid his tongue into Fritz's ear.


I've been sent to escort you.

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Studies have been conducted on people who habitually consume sugar.


If you'd prefer a room closer to the Convention Center, please contact us.


The talk between labor and management yielded no definite results.

I have not heard from Laurent in two weeks.

Just study Buddhism. Don't follow the sentiments of the world.

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Dry your tears.


Turkeer can show you around.

May I speak frankly?

We need to reinvestigate this controversial event.

This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

I don't think this will be enough money.

I've never had a problem with it.

They are always believing a groundless rumor.


The ancient and the modern, the past and the future are all one.

Don't play with fire.

This flower is more beautiful than that rose.

I don't accept that.

I can't protect Karl.

The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters.

We'll think of something.

Danielle rode the horse bareback.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy my ticket.


This train is bound for Zhongshan Park.

The Japanese military forces seemed too strong to stop.

I met her in the winter three years ago.

You've been acting weird today.

I'm glad that worked.

Religions are the biggest lie ever told.

I visited Rome for the first time in my life.

Few of my friends have two cars.

Edith wanted to meet me.


He took care of the business after his father's death.


Would you come over here?

A person who follows Islam is known as a Muslim.

He died in 1980, by which time his son had left school.

They lost their trust in Dewey.

Clearly, the rumor is not true.

There is a beautiful park near my home.

He has already done my homework.

Trent is a natural-born leader.

Yes, it does. But it snows more in Niigata than in Hokkaido.

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Rudolf worked as a physio.

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Lucius took a step backward.


Josh doesn't have any kids.

Who does the book belong to?

Presley came to Japan from Australia.

I don't remember a single joke.

Thales used the astronomical records of the Babylonians and Egyptians to accurately predict a solar eclipse in the sixth century BC.


This is the way he treated me.

In Spanish, there are many different expressions to indicate changes and transformations.

That kid got a slap from his mother for being rude.

Gail can speak French a little.

You guys know too much.

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My pen is new.

She took the case into court.

Earl is not the problem.


Mommy, I want you to buy me a pomegranate!

Anger is an energy.

The richer he became, the more he wanted.

I shut up.

Everett's room is full of toys.