Breaking! New Breakthrough To Find A Top Realtor Developed By South Florida Realtor Is Consistently Earning Sellers 5% – 20% More Money… With A 99.3% Accuracy!

It’s breaking all the rules of traditional home selling, and it’s causing an UPROAR among other Florida realtors…

While many home sellers are busy searching for traditional realtors to sell their home…

The biggest breakthrough of the Century in to find a top realtor is quietly unfolding.

About 3 years ago a South Florida realtor set out on a mission to develop a system that could match home sellers with the top 1% of 1% of realtors in their area. The absolute Unicorn realtors.

Many Florida home sellers now using the unique method to find a top realtor are calling it “The New Sellers Revolution” because his system provides an almost unfair price advantage, speedier sale, and a nearly guaranteed sale.

But, there has been some criticism coming from other realtors about his new approach to selling homes. Mainly, they say his proprietary system is disrupting an entire industry in Florida.

When creator and real estate broker Jason Hattaway started his deep research of the real estate market over 3 years ago,  so he could help people find a top realtor in Miami, find a top realtor in Fort Lauderdale, find a top realtor in Boca Raton, find a top realtor in Miami Beach, and find a top realtor in West Palm Beach…

He had one goal in mind: To prevent home sellers from losing large amounts of equity at closing due to unqualified realtors selling their home.

Jason Hattaway, Florida Real Estate Broker

In all my time spent becoming a realtor, getting my licenses, becoming a Certified real estate instructor, Certified negotiator, pricing strategist, passing the Broker’s exam etc., I’ve never seen a home selling breakthrough quite as INCREDIBLE as this.

Jason Hattaway, Florida Real Estate Broker, Realtyfax, Inc

It’s Never Been Easier To Find A Top Realtor In South Florida

If you’ve lost faith in how to find a realtor in Miami, find a realtor in Fort Lauderdale, find a realtor in Boca Raton, find a realtor in West Palm Beach, or find a realtor in Miami Beach, then listen closely…

If you’ve been the victim of an expired listing, if you “think” the only way to get more for your home is by spending thousands on upgrades, or if you falsely believe that selling your home should take months on end, Jason says it doesn’t matter with his new system.

He actually guarantees you’ll see a bare minimum of 5% more for your home when compared to working with any other realtor, or he’ll pay you $199.

And if you’ve been searching Google for “sell my home fast”, or “how to sell my home fast” then you’re in for a real treat.

What led him to be able to make such a big promise? It was his discovery that each and every home seller in America (on average) is losing $21,980 at closing.

The shocking thing is, he backs these numbers up with real proof in his Report “The Unfair Home Selling Advantage”.

And he has also uncovered some incredible statistics that 99.9% of home sellers will never know. That is, he discovered why 30% of homes end up in the expired listings, and reveals why his new system guarantees that will never be an issue for you.

Right now he’s sharing his 3 proprietary secrets for getting 5% to 20% more for your home with a guaranteed fast sale.

While his 3 secrets will give you inside knowledge on how to narrow the list of realtors down to the 1 or 2 most qualified realtors in your area, he isn’t giving it away for FREE for much longer.

See, any Florida home seller living in South Florida who requests his personalized, hand crafted Agentfax Report will have it rushed to them within 48 hours, if they qualify. But, he will be charging $199 once his market test completes.

He has a few stringent qualifications to receive his Agentfax report, but nothing too scary.

Click this link and answer a few simple questions to get matched with a top realtor who can earn you 5% to 20% more for your home.

Here’s How Our 5% Minimum Price Boost Guarantee Works When You Go Through Us To Find A Top Realtor

We guarantee that when you request your Agentfax Report, you will see a bare minimum of 5% more for your home (and often 10% to 20% more) versus hiring a realtor at random , and we guarantee your home will sell faster than 99.3% of others, or we’ll pay you $199. You will earn significantly more for your home when you request our Agentfax Report.

You will be able to save a HUGE amount of money that could be used on your family’s education, for vacations, to make improvements in your new home, and more.

“I take selling your home very seriously so you have my personal commitment that your report will give you the results you desire. I’m not happy unless you are happy. I believe in my Agentfax Report so much, I guarantee it.”

Jason Hattaway, Owner of Realtyfax, Inc.

Our proprietary process will match you with the absolute BEST realtor in your area based on our 3 Key Performance Indicators you won’t find anywhere else. We reveal more about our Key Performance Indicators that are proven to get you a much higher price in our FREE report “The Unfair Selling Advantage”. We’re committed to providing you with ONLY the top 1 or 2 realtors in your area that will generate a minimum 5% price increase over what any other realtor can get you. And many times that number can be 10% to 20%.

To prove to you that we mean business, if my recommended agent and you agree to work together, and my report fails to get your home sold with the results you are expecting…

We Will Pay You $199! 

Just (614) 763-0930 and provide us with your address so we can overnight you a check.

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