The summer vacation lasts a couple of weeks.


Sushi is delicious.

You're not supposed to have this key.

The noise in this room was perfectly tumultuous, for there were more children there, than Scrooge in his agitated state of mind could count.


It is doubtful whether she will come.

You seem to know this book very well; you use a lot of quotations from it.

Orville was not pleased.

As I thought, it seems to have been an impolite question.

She coaxed a smile from the baby.

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Vishal definitely wasn't a party person.

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I loved my life and my money.


They stole apples from my orchard.


They never caught her.

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I need to go home a little early today.

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Nicolette should now retire.

How can I help these people?

You're going to be famous.


How long will this rain go on?

You've spent a lot of time with Rayan, right?

She went to the movies by herself.


I believe you all know us.


If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask for it.


I invited him to my house.


Do you want to try another one?


Joe asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend.

This isn't about money or power. This is about my legacy.

Sridhar doesn't understand that at all.


The bill was drifting along for years.

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We're all smarter than that.


It seems obvious.

They were cooperative.

The other day I saw the girl.

Vadim can do it faster than me.

The term "Sattelzeit" denotes the transitional period between the early modern age and the late modern age.


This coat fits you perfectly.

Ritchey is too young to know the truth.

I'm sure of this.

Speaking of adventures, here comes your wife.

Will you support me?

I like flowers.

Shari said he wanted to talk.

I think I'm coming down with a fever.

Connie remained optimistic.

I'll get back to you.

I have no idea how to use this computer.


She waited for her boyfriend at the station.


I haven't seen her today.

I don't think I can handle it.

Do you mind if we have a look?


The meaning of this letter is unclear.


What he said is true in a sense.


Piete asked Mario many times to let him go home early, but she wouldn't let him.


What Toufic says is true.

Is the apple red?

Adrian was disrespectful.

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The leaden coffin was covered by a rich purple pall, on which was embroidered in gold the Canterville coat-of-arms.

Company attorneys are working around the clock to complete the merger.

You can learn about advanced search features here.


You're a baby.

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The boy can count to ten.

Antony was so hungry that he ate dog food.

I worried about Lukas's health.


The woman is working.


I have a bit of time to relax.

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You won't need me.


Elsa is sensitive, isn't he?

The just doesn't listen.

Osamu Dazai killed himself.

He is about my size.

I'll text Pria and see if he wants to go with us.

The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.

He is accused of murder.

Junior's father can simply not comprehend how the young generation approaches Fetty Wap's music with such ebullience: it eludes him to no end.

The grey man appeared in the doorway.


She is a wonderful wife who gave me two beautiful children.

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Rather than putting off this meeting, why don't we just call it off?


Now, let's play some baseball.

He is a man of few words, but he always keeps his promise.

All they had to do was show up on time.


His explanation doesn't make sense at all.

Krzysztof is lucky he didn't get shot.

Everett seems pretty upset about something.


To hear him talk, you might take him for a girl.


A great change has come about after the war.


You'll have to take his place in case he can't come.

Are you going to be OK?

We are bringing down the old house.

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Kimmo sat at the bar drinking a beer.


Son isn't sleepy.

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Mike visited Mr Ogaki, who is our principal.

They cut down the trees dying of disease.

I can't keep lying to him.


Special services include a personal driver for each guest.

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Why don't you go on a diet?

These people were very lucky.

Do you need a coat?


I want to know who called.

It is said that there is a treasure buried around here.

I hardly slept last night.

I've never told anyone something like that before.

He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Judith doesn't understand what you're saying.

"Hey, pal, are you thinking what I think you think I'm thinking, or are you thinking what you thought I've been thinking?" "Wait, who are you anyway?"

All things considered, she is a fairly good wife.

Why do you care what other people think?

Be patient with us.

Dwayne is in love with the sound of her own voice.

She can speak not only English but also French.

He has a prejudice against jazz.

Lanny's truck was stolen.

The children blamed each other.

It wasn't bad at all.

Prejudice is an opinion without judgement.


You should throw these away.

I said I'd wait for you.

Gene is finally himself again.


Would you say Pandora is attractive?

He is old enough to go to school.

The rainy season begins towards the end of June.


I didn't notice anything.


She was robbed of her youth.

What I want is to go home.

There are a lot of dishes on the table.


Let's leave the matter as it is for the present.

Knapper is egotistical.

This really helped.

Matthew and Jack will play tennis tomorrow afternoon.

A true love story never ends.

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He believed they were destroying it.


Yesterday I bought two steamed buns.


Even though I wanted to help Elliott, I wasn't able to.

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I have Japanese and Chinese friends who speak to each other in English since that is the only language they have in common.

What are some good Brazilian movies?

Shahid thinks I'm right.

My rent's due tomorrow.

Were you awake at 2:30 last night?

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Sergeant would do the same thing for me.

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Can you play the key of C minor?


Are you the one who came to see me?


I don't want to see you disappointed.


I hate violence.