I'm not safe.

They wanted a wedding picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Why don't you put some clothes on?

Bush's English is perfect.

I'm sure that he'll come to the party.

I have been here for two years.

Are they all like this?

I heard Murat was killed.

My pocket was picked.

His eyes were smiling behind his glasses.

I've got everything here.

I think you should meet them.

She usually went to the gym on Thursday.

She's mine.

Ken and his brother are very much alike.

Mat has written a book.

How long have you been wearing contacts?

I will try to live up to your expectations.

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I don't want to miss the plane.

She wanted to travel.

Do you play any instruments?

You have a bachelor's degree.

I can't drink alcohol.


Hang that picture on the wall.

This is what I've been telling you.

The evidence was against me.

They were dead.

I don't like high-heeled shoes.

When Luisa broke into tears, only her best friend approached to console her.

The kite disappeared into the sky.

At first I thought this pain would kill me.

Your advice has always been very helpful to me.


Do you want to sell your house?

That strong light blinds me.

Chris didn't study at all last weekend.


I've seen what Floyd can do.

His failure is a consequence of my success.

Himawan was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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I'm not going to do anything.

That's okay, take your time, I don't want to bother you at work.

Give me half of it.

Casper kept it secret.

I don't have any money and I don't have any friends either.

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She walked and talked.

All the English teachers at my son's school are native speakers.

If you study new words, then use them more so that you will be able to more quickly memorize them.


If you want to use Chinese characters, be sure you've saved your files in the UTF-8 encoding.

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We were all alone.

Everyone thinks I'm weird.

Every fable ends up with a moral.

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I want to be assigned to the vice squad.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to acknowledge it.

A stranger asked the girl whether her father was at home or at his office.


I am a masseur.


Will you phone me later, please?

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Dwayne's grades are much better than Pria's.

Hy found one.

Ariel's a decent, law-abiding citizen.

We're going to need a little more time.

Add 5 to 3 and you have 8.

She's just evil.

He could not get out of the bad habit.


Austria is a member of the European Union.

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Are you in a fraternity?

Let's see you beat that.

Is love just a game for you?

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Matthew is quite competitive.


Get her out of here!


Jem and John are brothers.

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Alcohol has done great mischief to his body.

I know lots of jokes.

Cologne lies on the Rhine.


The teacher didn't keep his word.

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Are you going out tomorrow?


I think you mentioned that last week.

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The operator told me to hang up and wait for a moment.

She started laughing hysterically.

Everyone but Noemi ate fish.

His sense of humor was self-deprecating, a sign of his low self-esteem.

A mouse is running around the room.

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Our teacher urged us to study harder.

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Alan couldn't sleep last night.


It is good to be a winner.

You've kept secrets from me, haven't you?

We met a traffic jam on the way.

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The orphans were taken to the orphanage.

That reads two different ways.

How many purple flowers are there?


Sitting next to me was a famous actor.


I think Karl might actually want someone to kill him.


You dropped something.


I think it has something to do with Jeff.


Martin is turning up the sound of the TV.

The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.

If you have a certificate of immunization, please bring it when you come.


I'd like to talk to you about what happened at school yesterday.

I want to talk about us.

Tokyo Station is the third stop.

Dad, I am pregnant. Here is the list of the suspects...

I received your Model 345 in good condition.


It makes me nervous.

Were they any good?

I didn't mean to interrupt you.

I won't beg for my life.

I'm afraid if Jeremy gets out of line just one more time, they will make him leave school.

I guess I'm going to have to learn French.

Narendra isn't listening.

He is a learned man.

You shouldn't run around with a toothbrush in your mouth.

He said to me, 'Study hard, or you won't pass the test.'

The familiar argument against a proposed action that it is premature.

Daniel spilled red wine all over Pria's white dress.

Nothing has gone right all day.

Who can help you learn German?

He neglected his duties.

The men all wore hats.

Friends who pay a visit are an ornament to the home.


That's a lot to consider.

Who's your favorite comedian?

Do you think Carol will be offended?

I totally agreed with Guillermo.

I was hoping I'd see you again.


Laughter is the only cure against vanity, and vanity is the only laughable fault.

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She has him at her beck and call.

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This is epic.


Everyone went there, didn't they?


You make the best discoveries while you view the world with other eyes.


Last one in is a rotten egg.


I'll bring it back.

I have an appointment at the doctor's office at ten o'clock.

There are a lot of abandoned houses in the neighborhood.


What's your favorite winter activity?

Look that word up in the dictionary.

Drop in on us when you next visit London.


Jordan won't come today.

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Don't bend over the table.

Joe wants to know Edmond's past.

I meet him at the club.

Do what is good to those who hate you.

The hostess complained that I visit her so rarely these days.

Mr Smith lost his way in the dense fog.

I'm sorry you can't stay.

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Who do you think the murderer is?

She's a bigot.

The success resulted from your efforts.

I suggest we drink as little as possible to be polite.

Graham patiently listened to Anita.


No matter how rich, one should not live an idle life.

I can run faster than Ken.

He is helping this lady enter her car.

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Man is unable to escape death.

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Can't you see that Sandeep doesn't want to talk to you?