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Morris stood near the window.

Brandon became flustered and a bit nervous.

He has no dress sense at all, but he thinks he looks good.

Why are you here now?

Fragments of the mirror were scattered on the floor.


I had to run to catch the bus.

I wouldn't want to get in Hazel's way.

Europeans gained an advantage over all other civilizations 500 years ago.

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I hope I dream about you tonight.

I want to drink milk.

The moose bugles.

I am insured for the car.

I owe my life to Miriam.


You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.


No cultural background is necessary to understand art.


Of course, you can leave.


Cecilia has been very uncooperative.

I have seen a shooting star once.

Wait until after I come back.

I've been accused of murder.

What is it this time?


I think Sandip is nervous.


I am going up the stairs.


Was he shopping?

Dan triggered a brawl between Matt and Linda.

You had better live on your salary.


Have you ever seen a shark?

We're quite fond of Kristin.

That would be lying.


It makes no fucking sense.


The New Testament underscores the importance of this typological number.

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Some people like red wine and some people like white wine.

Another world is possible.

You guys having fun?

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You knew it was wrong.

Raj is wearing a black tie.

Takao's correct.

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Ilya won't understand.


We corrected it.


I still think we should've said no.

Cris was with Shari all morning.

This is exactly what I wanted.

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It was you who shattered my dreams.


Spass looks very confused.

My heart bounds with expectation.

This is a cyclic topic.

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Sun makes all the difference.

My mother usually relaxes and sleeps after lunch.

Who said you could do that?

Klaudia quickly rose up the corporate ladder.

I never thought I'd see her there.

I saw a figure approaching in the distance.

How did you get those blue spots on your legs?

It will be funny.

I'll pay for the tickets.


Lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

Recreativo de Huelva was the first football club founded in Spain.

I don't have change.


I think nothing is more important than friendship.


Father is good at cooking. As for Mother, she is good at eating.

It's now official.

She was fascinated by that Chinese dress.


I hope to see you.

Mario was promoted to foreman.

What will become of our close relations if the bilateral security treaty expires?


To find a solution is easier said than done.


Her hands are raw from the cold.


Everything is broken.

Can you reach it?

I think I'm still drunk from last night.

Everything will work out in due course.

It isn't me Phil has a problem with.

That's what I'd tell Wendy.

She entered her terrier in a dog show.

The car left a trail of dust.

I was able to buy two for the price of one.

I think Ned was the one who stole my wallet.

Glenn would like to ask you a few questions.

Have your parents met Anatoly?

Cattle would not eat grass where sheep had eaten.

Marlena told his friends that he never ate meat.

The guide who took us there was only ten years old.

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We would like to stay here one more day, do you think it's OK?


I will have graduated from college by the time you come back from America.

It has been raining since last Saturday.

On his nose grew a small pimple.


It's not cheap.


Do you mind if I come in?


We'll send something.

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I think Lum wants something to write with.

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We didn't start the fire.

He was put through university with money left by his uncle.

Are you sure Manjeri is safe?

It's a delicate problem.

Your friend told me about it.


The word you use depends on your intended meaning.

Here is your boarding pass.

The bus stop is quite handy.


Annie envied Neil's success.

Jesse has trouble judging distances.

The police told me not to leave town.

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I have to agree with them.

Between two words, we must choose the shortest one.

It's not deep enough.

I have a three-stage plan for success.

The treasure was buried in the deepest of the sea.

These people should be sterilised.

I go fishing every week.

The fishermen got up before dawn.

I've never lied to her.

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Jeanne sent Glynn a letter.

Bring them inside.

Yesterday night, I heard a cricket chirping in the garden. Autumn is approaching, isn't it?


I ought to know, shouldn't I?

I am coating the wall with lime.

Shall we play?

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I think you should go over your speech a few more times before you deliver it.


Girls were not allowed to go out with boys without a chaperone.

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Can we do this?

She earns half as much money as her husband.

Peggy is being watched.

Judge needs to hire a private detective.

Let them win one.

He was never to see his parents again.

In the past, I didn't know the usefulness of eternity. But now, I realize that at least it give us an opportunity to learn german.

I'll never talk to Erik again.

How does this affect you?

I heard otherwise.

What we speak of as 'causality' is nothing more than the phenomenon of repetition.

Which meat tastes the best?

The wedding of the Romans is over.

Wolf doesn't like sleeping alone.

Did you like this video?

Let's get ready to leave.

You can always count on Holmes in any emergency.

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We are going to do this the right way.

Bring Ralf in here.

Where did that come from?

Give this copy to Adam.

I caught Brandon cheating.

Should I call Ken back?

The children didn't like the film.

He's getting used to the situation.

We have a lot of planning to do.

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The robbers did away with their victims.


There are only liquor stores and gun shops here.

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I will be pleased to help you.

You both want the same thing, right?

Get rich!


You don't have to go to an Ivy League college to get a good education.

Mohammad could have told Lori the truth, but he chose not to.

Sir's dog bit me.