Understanding the lack of News update of seafarers during their long voyages  in the oceans, Cosmonews emailing for free Local News Bulletins in many languages.

Offered Service

News Bulletins on daily base to subscribed vessels. The crew members get the latest news of their own country in their own language.

Email Content

Typically, a News Bulletins email contains Breaking News, Local and Global News, Politics and Opinions, Business and Economy News, Showbiz, Sports, Culture, Technology and Health News.


Maritime companies and seafarers all over the world are encouraged to subscribe to our services.

Daily Time Schedule

Maritime News | Global 24:00 UTC every Sunday (English)
Local News | Russia 01:00 & 13:00 UTC (Russian)
Local News | Ukraine 02:00 & 14:00 UTC (Ukrainian)
Local News | Croatia 04:30 & 16:30 UTC (Croatian)
Local News | Romania 05:30 & 17:30 UTC (Romanian)
Local News | Poland 03:00 & 15:00 UTC (Polish)
Local News | Bulgaria 04:00 & 16:00 UTC (Bulgarian)
Local News | United Kingdom 05:00 & 17:00 UTC (English)
Local News | France 06:00 & 18:00 UTC (French)
Local News | Germany 07:00 & 19:00 UTC (German)
Local News | Italy 08:00 & 20:00 UTC (Italian)
Local News | Greece 09:00 & 21:00 UTC (Greek)
Local News | Turkey 10:00 & 22:00 UTC (Turkish)
Local News | India 11:00 & 23:00 UTC (Hindi)
Local News | Philippines 12:00 & 24:00 UTC (Tagalog)
Local News | Japan 01:30 & 13:30 UTC (Japanese)
Local News | China 02:30 & 14:30 UTC (Mandarin)
Local News | South Korea 03:30 & 15:30 UTC (Korean)

News not in your Language?

Send a message through Contact form and we will do our best to satisfy your inquiry.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription you must login to your account using vessel email (or  alternatively your user name) and your password. When login, you can manage your manage your account.

If you are on board and you don’t have online access, merely sent us an empty message by clicking the unsubscribe link located on the top of Newsletter page.

Technical Details

We understand that Inmarsat online access frequently is of low speed. Hence, News Bulletins are compressed. The volume of a single email is not more than 2 Megabytes and provides about 50-60 pages content.

Optionally, a subscriber can choose the text version of emails by enabling the TXT option from Manage Subscriptions. Text emails are completely stripped from code and images, and are further compressed more than 250 percent.

Spam Policy and Fraudulent Subscriptions

Bounced emails unsubscribe by the system automatically without further notice. The subscriptions are periodically checked by the administrator for the detection of fraudulent ones. Only valid vessel emails will be accepted. 

If you want to test the Cosmonews services to your personal email before subscribe a vessel, send your inquiry through (787) 698-4852 and you will be subscribed for a minor test period