First of all, I will read this.

The number of Europeans who visit Thailand every year is very large.

It's important that he hears this.

She had a blue dress on at the party yesterday.

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Billie doesn't seem very tired.


We've come this far, so we can't stop now. I don't want to backslide.

Have you ever decorated pottery?

I thought I told you I didn't want you to do that.


The rejected feel dejected.

He thinks that gays are funny people.

Permission to use the car was accorded her.


This isn't a government project.


That's relatively easy to do.

Melinda will speak to the crowd.

I thought I'd surprise her.

I'm very afraid.

I'm here on vacation.

That's exactly what I expected.

Beat it.

Burn the body.

Something wrong was about to happen.

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How do I contribute audio in Tatoeba?

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My school marks were average.

Dan didn't even know he had been manipulated.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

Give me a glass of milk.

As for the child, he is eating the meat.

Liisa isn't really sick; she's only putting it on.

I heard my name called in the cafeteria.

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She claims that she has already finished the report.

I think we should pay Edmond more.

It is useless to go on strike now.

Are generics as effective as brand name drugs?

We want Juha back.

The losers received a "prize" too: They were beaten up by the winning team!

Who does the car belong to when the owner dies?

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My grandfather's life was long and happy.


She took her book.


Does anyone have a picture of this?

I don't want to leave a mess.

Can you tell me how to get to the city hall?

Nor are there any woods on the moon.

There's no telling what kind of trouble this proposal might stir up. The result is certainly going to be something to see.


Chicks'll dig me!

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I strongly advise you get out of here right away.

The mountain is not valuable because it is high.

I don't make Kelly happy anymore.


Can you save this seat for me?

I have been completely open with you.

Ahmed is eager to go to the hospital to visit Audrey.


Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?


Let's go to your office.

I didn't know where to get off the bus.

Julian was always such a happy boy.

To whom do we owe the discovery of penicillin?

She is poor, but happy.

I'm pretty sure I can find a job.

Michael has never been called stupid before.

He didn't leave a drop in the glass.

It's not my fault that I hate them all.

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I asked Nicolas if he needed more money.


That restaurant prepares two thousand meals every day.

Love is a great contradiction. You cannot live without it but at the same time you will be hurt by it.

Do you trust us?

Have you finished your question?

Does he want to look at it?

You never answered the question.

That clown is frightening.

We've got an hour left.

He didn't mean it.

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Tomorrow I'll cut you.

The symbol "X" usually stands for an unknown quantity in mathematics.

What's likely to happen next?

We took an airboat tour through the Everglades.

He brought two sandwiches for lunch.

What's so special about this Tolerant, anyway?

I am sorry to cancel the appointment at the last minute.


I did everything for you.


They advertised a house for sale.

My job is to know these things.

Those are good.

At that time, Will was in Boston.

You have no right to give me orders.

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Did Dani tell Oleg how many apples to buy?

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The cause of his death was a car accident.


She likes tigers.

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Madeira is the name of a wine.

Jeremy can't do even simple arithmetic.

Vassos was acquitted of the charges.

Amy's kids are going on a field trip to the zoo tomorrow.

What are they looking for?


I didn't do anything with them.


There was nowhere to hide.

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You like to observe birds, don't you?

The magazines were sold out.

Do you need a hand with that?


He has led a loose life since then.

Sit down, please, and listen.

I don't recall seeing Rogue.

The auction is over.

I'll be back for my suitcases later.


Could someone translate the comment above to a language which I can understand?


That day shall come.


You borrow a book.

They made a whip out of cords.

He never wears a tie.

When did you get this note?

Liber and Lance weren't that close.


You're the one who lied.

I won't leave you again.

He likes drinking coffee without sugar.


Adlai might change his mind in a couple of weeks.

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We used to bathe in this river in our childhood.

They knocked on the door and said they had come to arrest him.

I can drop you off at the airport tonight.

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I need to finish my homework.


A parking lot attendant waved Rand into a space.


The ailing aunt let out a sigh.

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Scott doesn't come around anymore. Maybe he's moved to a different city.

I need proofs.

My hands began to sweat.


He didn't have the least idea of the book.

I think we may have met somewhere before.

Rod was very concerned.

Mr Jones is tasting the soup his wife made.

I should finish unpacking.

I want to see Gilles so bad.

I met him several times.

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Don't you recognize them?


Just an hour ago or so I had the idea to make a slightly different version.


What time do you call your wife?

Thanks for your answer.

Dustin bit Hector.

Tolerant got off the plane.

Mongo hoped to get back together with Celeste.

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Evelyn clutched his teddy bear.

Noam keeps bringing that up.

I asked my father to bring me to the circus.

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You're awfully quiet, Kent.

You said you wouldn't do that.

Don't ask for anything more.

You saved all your baby teeth in this matchbox? That's gross!

Irving has been sick in bed for the last three weeks.


I can't believe I didn't get invited.

Maybe I should just check with Bret.

Would you like to come over to my house?

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If you don't help me, I won't be able to do it.


I'll do anything I can to help.

This is a Bible study group.

My ballpoint pen just ran out of ink.

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I have less than fifteen.