A collaborative platform for your
team and customer marketing.

MarketerBoard is a workplace where everyone, in a team comes together to collaborate, engage and plan effective in-built customer marketing program.
  •    Develop projects
  •    Manage you tasks
  •    Write beautiful notes
  •    Engage with your team mates
  •    Build digital advertising plan
  •    Create content marketing calander
  •    Send press release
  •    Send email
  •    Broadcast SMS
  •    Manage database
  •    Analyse your website
It's teamwork. Designed for everyone.
Customer experience is everyone's responsibility in the organization no matter which
departments you work in, what job title you have. The platform helps you be transparent
and accountable for the work you do, or get it done. It's team collaboration.

We are not different but doing it differently, just for you.

Well, don't compare us with others. But try us, feedback us
and we'll help you transform your journey the way you
collaborate team and do customer marketing.

One platform for marketing
activities, and team collaboration

Flexible pricing.

Simple and easy onboarding

Are you a passionate marketer?

Do you love to write about marketing, digital, martech, social media and data.

Yes, you're absolutely right, you can contribute your knowledge at our blog. and let others benefit from your
experties.Of course. the credit goes to you , and it will be forever on our MarketeBoard knowledge Studio.


It's just a beginning.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

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One platform for projects, tasks, notes,conversation, digital, content, PR, email, sms, contacts, analytics.
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