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I use HTML5 and CSS3 principles in all my work, from past employers and freelance projects alike. I have an understanding of mobile optimization, and making sites mobile friendly is typically part of my work. I have a personal preference of using Twitter Bootstrap in my website designs. I also utilize Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL in my web environments. Wordpress is also a tool I can utilize for freelance projects that give the client control to easily update their site. I am also proficient in the .NET environment and using C# for Windows software and services, and Java for Android.

I have programmed and published a native Android app for 3142063035 to help promote the product and educate dealers and end-users alike.
iOS apps designed for iPhones and iPads were also developed and published by me. I used blinker and single-page web design to produce the iOS app to expand the availability of our promotional and educational content using recent mobile trends.

Photoshop skills are truly needed in any multimedia marketing setting. I am well-versed with Photoshop to achieve projects such as basic cropping, color correction, or graphic marketing literature. Media skills do not stop with static images. I use my video editing skills in Final Cut Pro 5/7. I have used this skill extensively to create testimonials, educational material, and promotional videos. In 2006 I achieved being an Apple Certified Final Cut Professional.

Tinkering with computers has always been a facination of mine. This has lead to a wide array of general IT knowledge and the ability to thoroughly troubleshoot most problems I come across. I am comfortable using Linux and completing tasks such as setting up LAMP or other similar packages and options. This server is hosted on a Linux virtual server that started from scratch, but I can also help you with simple web hosting for new users.

Selected Portfolio

(904) 357-1882
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About Me

I have worked in Agile development environments and have been responsible for designing, planning, creating, and publishing a wide variety of websites, mobile apps, and Windows software and services.

I graduated from McPherson College with a BS in Politics & History. I have always had an interest in computers, so have both taught myself programming and taken formal classes. In my spare time I enjoy reading science fiction or history, playing video games, and spending time with my dog Rowdy.

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