Welcome to Schibsted Data Days!
November 6-7th, 2018

Data Days

For everyone that's passionate about building data products

Target audience

Data Days in Schibsted is a gathering point for all the engineers and analysts that work with data day by day. We welcome BI developers, BigData Engineers, Backend Engineers, UX, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Product Owners... anyone that is passionate about data and enjoys building data products.

Talks and workshops

If you are interested how to utilise data to develop your business, this is your place. No matter the size of your team or the volume of your data, come and learn from the Biggest players of Big Data, get inspiration from their practices, from their successes and failures and network with other schibsted colleagues like you. There will be one day of presentations, and one day with hands-on workshops.


A whole day to share experiences, yelp for help, cry on each others shoulders or just get to know our colleagues all around schibsted companies and operations. This is the oportunity to know and get known by your peers.


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Tuesday, November 6th

Alexandra Barcelona Hotel (713) 422-4592

08:30 - 9:00 Registration
Arrival & Coffee
Welcome Talk Data Days Committee + Cécile
Keynote Data Strategy - Sebastian
Getting the most out of BIC. What's in it for you? Xavier Gumara
Measuring impact in liquidity Cristian Medina

All hands

Spain/France/* - Room A           Stockholm - Room B           Oslo - Room C
  Coffee break
Liquidity and the Wow! effect Gabriel Vicario
Frontpage automation and personalisation Fredrik Jørgensen
Driving Liquidity at Willhaben Florian Gugganeder
Finding similar needles in the video haystack Samuel Rivas
Retention and ahá moments David Rebolo / Andreu Sancho
Apache Kafka as a service Antonio Di Marco
13:30 Lunch
Use Case: Digital Marketing Oleh Tarasyuk
Measuring Platform Services Alex Bikfalvi
Akinator: Pulse data serving Marketing needs Sonia Vivace
How to increase App performance converting Pulse in to a Server to Server Tag Manager. A Proof of Concept Marc Pou / Gustavo Martin
Econometric Models, looking for answers Begoña Menchon
Featuredb: nearest neighbor image search backed by Kafka Anton Sörhus
16:00 Coffee break
Towards an impactful product development through experimentation Bartlomiej Skorulski / Candice Seenyen
How to data platform
Why even visualize? Eric Hannell
leboncoin observatory: French consumer trends by leboncoin Aurore
17:45 Wrap up
18:00 Beers & Sodas at NaparBcn
We can continue mingling at NaparBcn. gmaps
20:00 Event Dinner



Wednesday, November 7th

Tableau Desktop: be more awesome

Room 1

Python for Analysts

Room 2

Kafka Streaming: Data on the flow

Room 3

09:00 Find your room
09:05 Start
~11:00 Coffe Break
~13:00 Sandwiches & Food
~16:00 Closing

Python for Analysts

Get the best of your Analytical skills with Python




We are going to play with Pulse Data using SQLaaS and Python. We are going to learn some basic in Python to do simple countings, aggregations and plots and some cool simple analysis where we can see the behaviour of our marketplaces users.

  • Heimdall VPN access (guide)
  • Some notions of coding

Tableau Desktop

Be awesome with Tableau Desktop


Want to take you Desktop skills to the next level? If so, this is the workshop for you.

  • 2 hours hands-on Desktop training
  • Tableau guest speaker
  • 2 hours Makeover Monday-style hackaton
  • presentations and prizes
  • Tableau Desktop installed (Tableau Public also works).
  • ask @eric.hannell on slack

Building apps on streaming

Build Cool apps on top of kafka


Do you wan to run applications on an streaming fashion on top of a kafka cluster? Join us!


Workshop oin building applications on top of kafka clusters. We will explain how it works, the possibilities you have to build them and step by step guide. We will have some output to check how you progress and the best people guiding you through the workshop

  • Heimdall VPN access (guide)
  • We will complete this list soon


DED's history is brief and has just started. We would like to invite you become part of this story.

  • November 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Last year we met at the BCN hub, we have to fight for a spor where we badly fit. But it was awesome. Lots of energy and very cool ideas, and especially, people speaking at every corner about data.

  • February 2017

    DED Comitee is Born

    During a Data Platform + Insights Engineering offsite we set the first DED Comitee to organize the next meetup. It had to be North of the wall, and in Spring to avoid getting too cold.

  • May 2017

    DED North 2017 in Oslo

    The second edition in Oslo was a success with more than 60 participants on May 2017. This time we even had a couple of workshops. See details here

  • November 2017

    DED South 2017 in Barcelona

    Next edition will be in sunny barcelona end of November. Come to the warm mediterranian and expend a couple of days discovering how to deal with tons of data! See details here

  • May 2018

    DED North 2018 in Stockholm

    Eveytime is getting beter. The Stockholm edition gathered 70 people from Media and marketplaces and set a regular pace on the conference. See details troutiness

  • November 2018

    DED South 2018 in Barcelona

    Next edition will be again in sunny barcelona and at the beginning of November. Come to the warm mediterranian and expend a couple of days discovering how to deal with tons of data! See details here

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

These people will bring the best Data Experience for you

Antonio Garcia

Global Insights and BI - Engineering

Eric Hannell


Iker Martinez de Apellaniz

Data Platform

María José Peláez

Marketplace Insights - New Data Initiatives

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