Where Crazy Atom fits?

Modern companies use many different types of software. The connection, synchronization and database between them is a major issue for effective management. This causes not only additional costs for making connections, but also real losses.
The problem, with all this data being generated; from our businesses, from our customers, our partners, and our ecosystem, we'll somehow be able to collect and ingest this data, then transform that data into knowledge.

That could guide our decisions, improve our products and services, fuel our growth, and enable competitive advantages.

Crazy Atom Enterprise Solution

Crazy Atom is a global provider of end-to-end integration and application development solutions and IT consulting services.
A single platform for dynamic, limitless connectivity solution that will enable organizations to quickly adapt to changing technologies and business conditions.
Crazy Atom automates the processes of each business with an online application, using Rest API from different platforms and systems.

About Crazy Atom


Enterprise Data Mashup - (web application hybrid)

Enterprise mashups combine business-related heterogeneous data and applications from multiple sources—typically a mix of internal data and applications with externally sourced data, SaaS (software-as-a-service) and Web content—to create an integrated experience.

Mashups, in general, have gained popularity in recent years, with the advent of Web 2.0 and the mass proliferation of mobile technology.

Companies are starting to build business models around mashups. Enterprises, software vendors, and solution providers who move quickly to develop a mashup strategy, including an entire ecosystem of mashup technology and data, will be able to capture a major share of this emerging market.

Crazy Atom's solutions for enterprise enable enterprise employees and managers, in the office or in remote locations, to receive all the information they require, when they require it, and in a format that is easy to view and interact with.

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How it works?

Operates as software for management, connection and synchronization web platforms with ERP, CRM and various business process management systems.

Crazy Atom is the connecting software:

  • Web application - website, online store, and other platforms.
  • CMS, CRM, ERP - Collect and control the database of software.
  • Unified database and statistics. Easily track results and calculate costs.
  • Automates and facilitates business processes.

Benefits using Crazy Atom

All your data, from across your enterprise, into one data warehouse. Using standard ETL tools, Crazy Atom becomes the core of your data warehouse, providing insight across your organization.

Web based software available at any time and from anywhere
Easy User Interface (UI)
You have transparent results and benefits from your business
Seamlessly organize your business processes
Saving expenses
Do not lose connection between the application and the process management

Proof of concept


Success stories using Crazy Atom

Rada Trade Ltd

Rada Trade Ltd

Import and trade of drinks and other products.

The problem: ERP system without connection.

Solution: End to end solution covering from warehouse to 3 types of salle online.

Modules: Warehouse, Delivery, Shop, Traders, Clients, Orders, Invoices, ERP import, Distribution, Messages

Benefits: Online system synce 3 years working with 7 sales persons, 50 distributors, 300 customers, order automate delivery, automated price and promotion notifications. End to end overview.

C Faktura

C Faktura

Middle ware company, online services.

The problem: ERP platform with no digital invoice email solution.

Solution: Generating invoice in PDF and gathering data from the ERP system. E-mail to client.

Modules: Clients, Payments, Invoices, E-mail, SSL

Benefits: Automated system, cost saving, no integration, Saas serivce



Hearing Center, for people with hearing problems

The problem: Back office application for hour based reservations and SMS reminders for customers.

Solution: Developed web application, working in all their 30 offices synchronously.

Modules: Reservation, Clients, Administrators, GEO, Callendar,SMS,Email

Benefits: end to end solution, cost save, 24 hours access, notifications by email and SMS



Manufacturing - Energy costs saving thermal insulation from the cellar to the roof.

The problem: The Operator manager was adding data to ERP manualy data from production weight control.

Solution: Atom connected and added automation of this process.

Custum application integrated

Benefits: Reduced production errors with 100% accurancy