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I'm not afraid of work.


The tall man left in a hurry.

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Lisa was worried.

We have run out of gas.

John stood still with his eyes fixed on something strange.

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In the U.S., we say "bless you" to someone when they sneeze.

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He believes in Santa Claus.


I drank a glass of red wine after dinner.

They aren't mine.

The middle aged man was charged with assault.

When I got to the office, I had tons of work waiting for me. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

They're coming here.

I stayed home because I had a bad cold.

Included in the printed matter category is what is called 'special mailbag printed matter'.

Leave my car alone.

I just wish Sid had brought a flashlight.


Christian's grandmother doesn't have any teeth.

Hasn't Jim returned yet?

Soohong went through the tunnel.

He made a profit of ten thousand dollars on the sale.

When I was a little child, I used to play baseball after school.

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Do you know what room Thuan is in?

I'm not taking advantage of your orchard.

He often uses a subway.

The shirt is very dirty. Before you go to school, it has to be washed.

If the statement is true, then we will have to accept the conclusion.

You must not despise a man because he is poorly dressed.

Eliot will perk up.

The fact is that I've spent all the money.

Father, today I'm going out with some friends. That is, of course, if you give me permission.


We're at war.

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What subject do you think he is interested in?


Sorry for frightening you.

He fell asleep while reading the newspaper.

I can see why Amedeo wants to go to Boston.

I wish I had come here by train.

We went to Boston to visit them.


She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.


Edmund hasn't slept in days.

You will have to go to England next year.

The child was rescued from a burning house.


Duane told me not to drive too fast.


I'm just catching my breath.


Some of these apples are bad.


How long has it been since you've seen your boyfriend?


This virus was engineered in a lab.


Joon never recovered completely.

He's here for me.

No, vegetarians don't eat chicken or fish.


None of this was a surprise.


She has to lie to her family about her boyfriend.

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Praise the Sun!

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Our alien race cannot live on Earth.

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Jennifer was my role model.

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Kinch wasn't very impressed.

A blood vessel broke in my eye.

Is that cabinet yummy?

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She behaved with a great courage.

You're smoking hot!

I want to do that.

I don't think I'd be that interested.

What're you looking at?

I had my licence renewed a week ago.

Harmon told me to stop talking.


This university was founded by Suzanne Jackson thirty years ago.

He would have been able to enter a good university easily if he had tried, but he entered a vocational school instead.

You're right, as always.

My doctor told me that I needed to lose some weight.

I don't act like you.


I like Moran's plan better than Nils's plan.

Svante, who was adopted at birth, only met his biological mother for the first time a few weeks ago.

Donn knows how to make Trevor smile.

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Lana watched Rahul draw a picture.

Ben looked everywhere for Hohn, but couldn't find her.

I worked with scholars.

Hand washing is one way to control bacteria.

We've met some nice people.

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Leigh has been missing for months.

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Trying is wearing clothes.

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"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"

He wouldn't even lift a finger.

It was a very big room.

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I won't disturb you.


The study of philosophy belongs to the humanities.


The girl is blowing bubbles.

Lyndon poured Hienz a cup of tea.

Pinocchio, you wicked boy!

Do you want to know how I did that?

One must come to class on time.

You still don't understand.

Loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover.


Stand back, please.

"Where is your report card?" "I already gave it to you."

Don't be afraid of public speaking.

It was foolish of her to ask him for help.

Meg was happy about meeting Norman again.

Jennifer also has a flashlight.

Leave the lights on.

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I have to say you look good.

I'm going to Bert's on Monday.

The news that the president was killed surprised them.

I feel like a complete idiot.

Rajesh has a nice family.

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You have done this, haven't you?

He wore a jacket whose color I couldn't determine.

It's an ongoing investigation.

I found it easy to find the building.

We can make peaceful use of atomic energy.

You can't blame it all on Shuvra.

Why can't I do it, too?

I don't want to know any more.

The kingdom was invaded by the enemy.

The company said that it will fully participate in any and all investigations regarding the matter.

It's about Andrei Tarkovsky's last film.


Well, what shall we do?

Chet asked me if I knew how to play the clarinet.

Mac and Myrick struggled to make ends meet.

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You must do as Rogue says.

He looks every inch a gentleman.

We're conservative.


Boxes were everywhere.

What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

Simon knew what was going to happen.

If Shakespeare were still living, he'd be over 450 years old.

It should be freezed!

I don't want to have any secrets from you.

Jerry speaks French better than he pretends to.

I'm not busy.

Young men left the family farms as soon as they could.

Kayvan suffers from debilitating migraines.

Uri and Darren enjoyed themselves at the party.

Please turn off the television.

The 1990's saw various incidents.


I don't want to know the truth.

You'd better leave off such a radical idea.

On hearing the news, he rushed out of the house.


The teacher works in a high school.

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I exercise almost every day.

Mother has old-fashioned ideas.

You cannot complain.

We apologized to each other.

Esperanto is a peaceful language.

She is no less slender than her sister is.

It's hard, you know.

Is it true that the iTunes' MP3 encoder has poor sound quality?

The boy was crying in the room.


Success can only be achieved through hard work.

Nancy has a very lively and sweet temperament.

He recovered quickly.


This is illegal.

She was borne away by an impulse.

Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.


He is seriously ill and unlikely to recover.